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Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2011

From Jan.21 till 29, Tokyo International great quilt festival 2011 was held at the Tokyo Dome.


It might be the biggest or the second biggest quilt show in the world. This building is a baseball stadium. During Baseball Offseason, they do various shows instead.

It was 10th anniversary. Congratulations!

The show started! It was always busy at lunch time. Our booth was just in front of a stand selling Obento which means a lunch box. There were so many people on the aisle between us.

Img_3474 Img_3475 

Some brand new items came out at the show. We will post them available on our renovating new website which will be finished at the middle of March. Stay tuned!

Many friends from all over the world

From Thailand


From Belgium and Luxembourg


From Shang-hai, China


From Okinawa, Japan


From Italy


Catarina, some of you might recognize her, as she appeared on our website often, who always helps us when we do a quilt event in Europe, came to the show and stayed at our house!


We took her to the Mori tower at the Roppongi hills in Tokyo. Look at the gorgeous view!


There are lots of pleasures to come and visit Tokyo besides the quilt show. So many things to see, do and eat!

At the show, I gave 30 students a workshop on 26th. Everyone seemed to enjoy doing punchneedle.



On 28th, a day before the last day, I gave a little talk about the punchneedle for 30 minutes.  They were listening to me with much interest. Thank you!



After the show, we went to Kyoto with our friends. In the evening on the first day, we had dinner at a restaurant with “Maiko san”. Maiko san is a girl who is under 19, training to be Geiko san. Geisya is a more well known word, but is not used in Kyoto. And Maiko only exists in Kyoto. The Maiko san called Fumino is a 17-year-old girl. She had held a dream to be Maiko san since she was a child and realized it! She was so pretty. Not only for the friends, but us as well, it was the first time to meet a real Maiko san.

Now all is over, every friend got back to their houses… hope to see you all soon again.


New website.....

We are now creating our new website that would come out

at the beginning of March....Stay tuned!

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2011

Here comes the biggest quilt show called Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2011 at TOKYO DOME in about a week.


Our booth number is A-5. You will find us easily, as we are just in front of a stand of selling Bento.

My new quilt will be exhibited so please check it out.



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